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Psoriasis &
So Much More

About “pSo Much More

If you are visiting this website, you or someone you care about is likely experiencing the symptoms of psoriasis. You may have been recently diagnosed or living with the disease for quite some time. And although psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the appearance of the skin, we know the impact is much more than skin deep.

What can you find here?

If you have psoriasis, you probably know there’s an abundance of information online covering symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. pSo Much More was developed to provide the information and support in your daily life that is often overlooked.

Everyone has a unique experience and a story to share about their journey in living with psoriasis. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment to share experiences, not only related to psoriasis, but in living your life to the fullest.

Looking for a community that gets you?

pSo Much More is a community based website. Here you can:

  • comment;
  • ask questions;
  • share your stories;
  • hear the stories of others; and
  • vote for your favorite stories or articles.

This website is so much more than facts and figures, although there are some. It’s about building a diverse community with shared experiences. The information and stories are about the reality of living with psoriasis day-to-day and about living your best life, as a person, not just a person with psoriasis.

Because you are so much more than a person with psoriasis. It does not define you!

Steph is your host. She is a virtual persona and the face of pSo Much More. She is compassionate and committed to bettering the lives of those with psoriasis throughout their journey. Steph has psoriasis and is well informed about the disease, however, she is not a medical expert. We hope that her journey will inspire you to start a conversation and create a community of real people who have psoriasis.

We welcome you to our community and look forward to supporting you on your journey!

pSo Much More is sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc., a leader in the healthcare field, who is committed to providing unbiased, useful and productive resources for those living with psoriasis.

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